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Who Are We ?

BEWAG is a member association of the UIP (International Union of Wagon Keepers) which is an international association representing and supporting over 250 wagon keepers in Europe.

We actively promote rail transport as the backbone of European mobility and facilitate the emergence of a successful rail supply by representing the interests of our members.

Through research, lobbying and targeted cooperation with all stakeholders and organizations interested in rail freight transport, we want to secure the long-term future of rail freight transport and support multimodal transport.

Created in 1946, BEWAG is the Belgian association of the railway wagons industry based in Brussels. Our members are Wagon keepers, Railway Workshops, Certification bodies, ECM (Entity in charge of the Maintenance), Innovation companies and experts, Connected companies & sidings, Users of railfreight transport, Logistic operators, Combined Transport Terminals and Railway outfit manufacturer.

Our objectives, similar to those of the UIP, are:
- Raise awareness of the role of railcar keepers among policy and decision makers,
- Develop a long-term vision for rail freight wagon investments
- Develop a common culture for efficient exchange of relevant information and data between rail system and supply chain actors, including freight customers,
- Promoting multimodal transport

The Rail Ecosystem


  • Frédéric BUYSE President
  • Emmanuel JAMAR Vice-President
  • Isabelle TRAMBLAY Treasurer
  • Odile SEYNAEVE EU Affairs & Admin. Assist.